Reversing Migration From Villages

After India had achieved Independence from British rule in 1947, Mahatma Gandhi had desired a rural-oriented development plans for the country so that each village area be self-reliant in all aspects of life. However, Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru was impressed by socialist approach of the Soviet Union and as a result large Government expenditure was made in large infrastructure projects like dams and steel plants.

Now, after seventy five years of independence, a large part of rural India has migrated to cities leaving behind unutilized lands and un-employed youth. With modern techniques that are available in agriculture and small scale industries, there is vast scope of higher income in rural areas as well which needs to be tapped and made into use.

Our NGO “ Himalayan National Movement” has been formed for this purpose only so that modern techniques may be sourced to the village areas with twin objective of employment and income generation in rural India. We all migrated from villages to the cities for better opportunities. It is, now, our responsibility to give back to our society else it is too late.

Join our band “ Himalayan National Movement “ as missionary to Rural Development to reverse migration.